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PUMA Women's Essentials 5 popular San Diego Mall Sweatpants Fleece

PUMA Women's Essentials Fleece Sweatpants


PUMA Women's Essentials Fleece Sweatpants

Product description

No. 1 Logo raised rubber print; Rib waistband with internal drawcord for customized comfort; Side seam pockets for a convenient storage solution; Rib cuffs; Regular fit; Made with recycled polyester;

No. 1 logotipo estampado de goma; cintura acanalada con cordón interno para una comodidad personalizada; bolsillos laterales de costura para una solución de almacenamiento conveniente; puños costillas; ajuste regular; fabricado con poliéster reciclado;

From the manufacturer

PUMA Women's Essentials Fleece Sweatpants

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