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JSP Manufacturing 3 5 Complete Free Shipping 8 Universal Recessed Ranking TOP17 in Black Drop Plastic

JSP Manufacturing 3 5/8 Universal Black Recessed Drop in Plastic


JSP Manufacturing 3 5/8 Universal Black Recessed Drop in Plastic

Product description

Item Package Quantity:2

JSP Manufacturing 3 5/8 Universal Black Recessed Drop in Plastic Cup Drink Can Holder with Drain Hole for Furniture Sofa Poker Table Car Boat Marine RV

It is a drop in style drink holder, all you have to do is cut a hole into the surface you wish to mount the cup holder. Easy to install, no mounting screws are required, smooth finish for easily clean up. It is able to hold any normal sized beverage can and some cups depending on the size. Has a drain hole to drain away excess moisture.

New 3-5/8-inch Black Plastic Jumbo Cup Holder Inserts Drop-ins with Drain hole
Durable and strong - made of high-quality polypropylene – not easily damaged
Direct replacement, perfect fit
Versatile - can also be used as a drink holder for poker tables, boats, cars, trucks and more
Suggested mounting locations - tables, counter-tops, seat backs, drivers console etc.
Drill drain to drain away excess moisture - (drill to accommodate to you size needed) shown with a hole drilled with a 7/16-inch drill bit – see images
Quantity: Multi-pack Listing - quantity based on quantity you select above
Color: Black
Exact item is pictured
Made in USA!

Measures Approximately: See technical drawing ( Image) for dimensions
Bottom of Cup Diameter: 2 7/8 inches or 2.715 inches or 6.8961 CM
Depth of Cup: 3.15 inches. 8.001 CM
Top of Cup INSIDE Diameter: 3.515 inches. 8.9281 CM
Top of Cup OUTSIDE Diameter (Lipped Diameter): 4.25 inches. 10.795 CM
OAL of Cup: 3 3/4 inches.

Perfect addition to your Poker, Game table or Pool tables, Boats, Marine, Yacht, RV's, Patios, Cars, decks, trailers or Sofa, Furniture and gaming tables.
Suitable for FISHING BOATS, YACHTS, RV's, Caravans, Recreational Vehicles.
Suggested mounting locations tables, counter-tops, seat backs, drivers console etc.

JSP Manufacturing 3 5/8 Universal Black Recessed Drop in Plastic

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