4 Things to Love About a Cellphone Plan


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Simply put, if there’s nothing you love about your cellphone plan right now, you’re probably doing it wrong.

There are so many cellphone providers out there competing for your business with different perks, and you just need to find one with the best perks for you.

Let’s highlight some of the best cellphone plans with the best perks available right now.

The best cellphone plan for streaming

Verizon currently offers the best combination of streaming quality and coverage. In other words, Verizon is your best bet to stream from basically anywhere and get the best possible streaming quality while you’re at it.

The downside of Verizon is that it’s typically more pricey than other networks, but on the bright side, you can get the highest-quality streaming without paying for the most expensive Verizon plan.

Verizon’s Play More Unlimited plan comes with 720p HD-video streaming and comes with a free subscription to Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu.

It all ends up costing $80 a month, but when you factor in the streaming subscriptions included (about a $15 value), Verizon’s price tag doesn’t seem quite as bad.

The best cellphone plan for perks

Streaming perks are quickly becoming the industry standard as the big three major carriers offer some streaming service bundled with your cellphone service. Here’s which streaming services come free with the higher-tier unlimited plans from the big three networks:

  • AT&T: HBO Max
  • T-Mobile: Netflix
  • Verizon: Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+

Really, it comes down to your streaming preferences. For me, I would probably get the most value out of a free HBO Max subscription with the AT&T Unlimited plan, considering my 1-year-old watches more “Sesame Street” than anything on Disney+ and I can’t wait for the next season of “Succession.”

But you might have your strong allegiances to Netflix or any of the Disney streaming services, so it really all depends. Whatever your preference, it certainly makes a lot of sense to get your favorite streaming service for free with your cell service.

Here are all the plans that come from the big three providers that include a free streaming service.

AT&T Plan with HBO Max

T-Mobile Plans with Netflix

Verizon Plans with Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+

Free unlimited hotspot data

Visible Wireless offers unlimited hotspot data with its $40 Unlimited Plan. Usually, you would have to pay way more to get unlimited hotspot data with your cellphone plan, but Visible will package it all together with an already surprisingly cheap unlimited plan.

The only caveat to be aware of is that your hotspot data is limited to 5 Mbps while using Visible’s service. It’s enough data speed to browse the internet, open and send emails, check your calendar and even stream music, but things could get a little rough while streaming.

Get a free cellphone

Verizon will give you a brand new iPhone SE (2020) when you sign up for a new plan following this link. There’s really no gotcha to this deal — you just have to activate a new line on Verizon on an unlimited plan, and you get the new phone for free. Here’s the unlimited Verizon plans you can choose from that are compatible with the free iPhone SE deal.

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