IO Announces Hitman 3 DLC Roadmap for February 2021, Lots of Free Content Coming


Developer IO Interactive has announced what to expect from Hitman 3 going forward, starting with a roadmap for February 2021. The main update will go live on February 23rd, but throughout the entire month, you’ll gain access to a slew of content, including new Featured Contracts (curated by the teams at MinnMax and Kinda Funny), new Escalations, and an Elusive Target contract.

This news comes by way of a tweet from developer/publisher IO Interactive, which you can check out below.

Here’s a list of what to expect from Hitman 3 throughout the month of February 2021.

Deluxe Content

  • The Gauchito Antiquity Deluxe Escalation — February 23
  • The Proloff Parable Deluxe Escalation — February 23

Weekly Content

  • The Baskerville Barney Escalation — February 4
  • Dubai Featured Contracts (MinnMax) — February 11
  • The Sinbad Stringent Escalation — February 18
  • Dartmoor Featured Contracts (Kinda Funny) — February 23
  • The Deceivers Spaizeza Elusive Target — February 26 – March 8

Hitman 3 February Roadmap Trailer

IO Interactive has already stated that more DLC will be coming for Hitman 3 and this is just the start. And as history shows, the Hitman series has been no stranger to additional, post-launch content — typically in the form of extra contracts, new levels, and more. Often times, the new contracts will get you to play in a way you hadn’t considered, like using bananas to cause a distraction in the new Dubai Featured Contracts, curated by MinnMax.

Hitman 3 launched in January 2021, and released to commercial and critical success. In fact, within less than a week on the market, it became profitable for IO Interactive and had the biggest digital launch in the history of the series.

In our review, we said “[Hitman 3] demands your attention and you’ll likely find it immensely gratifying if you make an effort to give it the time it deserves,” and awarded it a score of 8.5.

Hitman 3 is available now for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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Source: IO Interactive

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